Construction Of Heated Swimming Pools

Within the structure of swimming pools, the choice of heated swimming pools is also the most advanced option within this sector thanks to the latest technologies applied in thermal insulation with the elements and construction materials. The heated swimming pools can be built in sports centers, schools, wellness and spa centers, neighboring communities or private residences. The heated swimming pools reduce the need for air conditioning at any time of the year, thus achieving energy and economic savings as well as comfort.

Construction Of Natural Pools

The natural pools, ecological or bio piscinas are those in which a system of physical purification is used in which chemical products are not used. The construction companies’ pools can also offer the construction of natural lakes. The pool of the natural pool can be built with different systems: concrete, liner, polyester reinforced with glass … etc. It is a conventional construction like any other construction pool. The difference of a natural lake is its purification system.

To avoid having to use chemical products, it is necessary to block the spiral of biomass generation, thus maintaining the parameters considered optimal for water quality. Removing organic matter from the pool prevents algae from feeding on it and appearing regularly. In turn, it is necessary for plants to absorb nutrients through a biological filter.